ELE aims at making learning interesting and enjoyable for children. Our ways to accomplish this are by quality content (adding adequate audio-visual elements to text), tools to better access them, mentoring teachers to deliver them effectively and encouraging students to learn themselves or in peer groups.

ELE is intended to create a rich learning environment, where children

  • Are encouraged to learn within a progressive and unrestricted environment
  • Are provided with and motivated to use appropriate technology, tools and resources to compete in the modern educational arena
  • Are encouraged to develop self-learning skills under the guidance of teachers and mentors
  • Are motivated to participate in the classroom and confidently ask questions
  • Have access to and effectively use free, globally available curriculum content
  • Enjoy school and develop a lifelong appetite to learn
  • Are academically assessed in a non-threatening, fair and transparent manner

The expected ELE outcomes (tangible and intangible) are

  • Higher levels of motivation among students and teachers
  • Improved communication skills within the classroom
  • Increased student and teacher confidence
  • Active student/teacher participation
  • Scope for students to provide peer support within the learning environment
  • Demonstrated student ability to learn independently and compete academically
  • Measurable improvement in student performance in public examinations